Resident Update – Invasive Species Plants Cleaning

Aug 5, 2021

As some residents have noticed, the Board of Directors for Willow Point Municipal Utility District (Willow Point MUD) authorized the clearing of invasive species from the island and surrounding greenspace areas. The project was handled by an expert in native Texan plant and wildlife maintenance.

Invasive species are any species that are non-native and harm the local ecosystem. When these non-native plants and animals establish themselves in our local ecosystems, they outcompete and dislodge species that have evolved specifically to live there. These plants affect us by degrading our soil, leading to erosion that can lower the quality of our water. They crowd out and can kill important tree species that provide shade, carbon storage and habitat for native wildlife. And they can even increase the risk of wildfire.

The project goal is to maintain the native Texan plant and wildlife in the greenspaces within the District, and to remove those invasive species that have taken root. This is a project that has occurred previously and occurs every few years to maintain native plantings and promote natural, Texan plant growth.

If you have any questions about the project, or other initiatives the Board has implemented to facilitate greenspaces and native planting, please feel free to reach out to the District via the “Contact Us” page on the District website.