Resident Update: Unauthorized Activity in the District

Jun 30, 2021

Willow Point Municipal Utility District (the District) values the safety of all residents and visitors and also wants to ensure that District property and facilities are well-maintained, to include District drainage and detention facilities as well as recreational spaces.

Unauthorized activity in these spaces is strictly prohibited. In addition to the obvious dangers of unauthorized vehicle traffic in these areas, the damage to District property caused by motor vehicles can create the need for costly repairs and can impact drainage, damage underground utilities, and potentially become an environmental risk to the District and its residents.

Of particular concern are motor vehicles entering areas for the purposes of off-roading, pulling wakeboards through drainage areas, tearing up green spaces, and in some cases getting stuck and requiring retrieval. No unauthorized vehicles should be anywhere beyond the residential streets located within the District.

Please let the District know immediately of any violations by utilizing the contact form on the District website. Violators can and will be reported to local law enforcement and, if caught, violations could result in fines and/or jail time.

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