Willow Point MUD – Water System Status

Jul 31, 2023

Residents of Willow Point Municipal Utility District (Willow Point MUD) who have traveled through the City of Katy may have seen the Drought Contingency/Drought Stage signs within the city.

While Willow Point MUD residents do have Katy addresses, residents are not on Katy’s water system. Willow Point MUD has its own system separate from the city and is not currently affected by the demand on the Katy infrastructure.

Willow Point MUD is not on water restrictions or drought contingency at this time. Updates regarding the status of the Willow Point MUD water system will be provided on the District website and via text alerts. If you are not signed up for the text alert system, you can find the signup on the site's “Alerts” page.

Residents who have questions regarding Willow Point MUD should fill out the form found on the “Contact Us” page on the District website. Further, the Board of Directors reminds residents about the water conservation tips posted earlier this summer, which can be found in the news feed.